Monday, April 7, 2008

Prema Desam (1996)

[DoReGaMa] Prema Desam (1996)

Prema Desam (1996)
MUSIC : A.R. Rahman
CAST : Abbas, Vineeth, Tabu


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Collage Style
Artist(s): Krishna Kumar, Hariharan, Aslam Mustafa
Download Link :

Hello Doctor
Artist(s): Krishna Kumar, Storms, Srinivas, Anupama, Nole Jam
Download Link :

Mustafa Mustafa
Artist(s): AR. Rahman
Download Link :

Oo Vennala
Artist(s): Unnikrishnan
Download Link :

Prema Prema
Artist(s): SP. Balasubramaniam, OS. Arun
Download Link :

Vennala Vennala
Artist(s): Mano, Unnikrishnan, Dominics
Download Link :


vinesh said...

very very good songs by my music god A.R.Rahman!!!!

sai said...

very very great songs composed by ar.Rehman

raviteja said...

superb sngs
friend ship is awesome

anand said...

the all songs was excellent ar rahaman music is very good

anand said...

premadesam all songs was very naise & assam & ar rahaman was excellent music is so good.

Nymph said...

nice thinking. blog is good.!

manishankar said...

nice and maricale

r!zw@an said...

what is this the files have been deleted you dog